Tuesday, December 31, 2013


I planned to start an autism blog in 2013. I wrote my first article since February, but for several reasons that now don't make sense, I never started the blog. It dawned on me at the beginning of December 2013, that the year was rounding up and I had not started my blog. Today is December 31, 2013 (the last day of this year), and I am finally declaring this blog OPEN.

My name is Adelola Edema. I am a special needs education consultant. I work with children with special needs and their families. I have worked with children living with autism since 2009, having worked in Lagos, Abuja and Osun State. I am passionate about autism in Nigeria and I believe that awareness is key in ensuring that individuals living with autism and other related disorders have a chance of survival in this nation. Awareness will give room for early intervention and also help parents bring out their children for professional help. It will also help to integrate these individuals in the society, helping others to accept them and relate with them. I have therefore committed myself to be a voice for individuals living with autism and their families. I travel from place to place talking and educating people about autism and what can be done to help. I will like to use this medium to create awareness for autism in Nigeria and other parts of Africa, while educating parents, relatives, friends and every other person on how to help individuals living with autism. This blog will also provide News on autism and the autism community around the world. I hope that I can add my own quota to all that other people around me are doing online and face to face in providing the necessary help that individuals with autism need.

Thank you very much for following my gist. And watch this space for information on autism.