Thursday, May 26, 2016

Creating Awareness in Ikorodu!!!

I am looking forward to May 30!!!  I know it’s a holiday, but that is not why I look forward to it. I don’t look forward to the day because I can wake up late and forget about Lagos traffic, not at all. I look forward to joining Pison Therapy Center and Patrick Speech and Language Center, for Special Needs awareness in Ikorodu on May 30, 2016.



Pison Therapy Center is a special center in Ikorodu, established to meet the needs of children with neuro-biological disorders like autism, Down syndrome, Cerebral palsy, Hydrocephaly, Learning disabilities and other related disorders in that environment. At that time it was established, there were no centers in Ikorodu that provided such service, so people with these children put them in special schools that were far away from Ikorodu, which made educating their children with special needs cumbersome. Because of the stress involved, some parents just kept their children at home, or put them in regular schools that are not equipped to meet the need of the children. Since 2012, Pison Therapy Center has been in Ikorodu to help children with special needs and their families.


Patrick Speech and Languages Center on the other hand is a center for people living with autism and related disorders. Situated in Ikeja GRA, the center provides therapy and support for children and adults. Patricks has been on the forefront of autism awareness in Nigeria, and training of professionals that provide special education for people with autism.

Patrick Speech and Languages Center creating autism awareness

On May 30, Pison Therapy Centre is organizing a walk in partnership with Patrick Speech and Languages Center, themed Hope Alive. The purpose of the program is to create awareness about special needs around Ikorodu. Many people see these children and they do not understand the challenges, they assume that the child is spoilt or untrained. This program will help to educate the community, and religious organizations about these disorders, and how they can help create an inclusive society for these people with special needs.

I will be joining them for the walk, and I hope you can join us too. The road show will start from Ojubode in Ikorodu. Everybody will converge at Beats Pharmacy at Ojubode by 7am, from where we will move to Ojogbe to Ota-ona, and back to Ojubode.

This program is the first of many programs that Pison Therapy Center will hold in Ikorodu to create awareness about special needs and finding help for children with special needs.

I look forward to being there and seeing you.

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