Friday, September 2, 2016


Sometime in May I joined a group of people on a walk to create special needs awareness in Ikorodu. I wrote here on the blog about that walk, which was organized by Pison Therapy Center, Ikorodu.

People walking to create special needs awareness
I mentioned on the blog that the walk was the first of many programs that they have planned for creating special needs awareness and solutions for families with children with special needs. On Saturday September 3, they will be hosting another event; this time it is a training.

Explaining autism and other special needs disorders to someone on the street

Pison Therapy Center is bringing to Ikorodu, seasoned professionals in autism therapy and support, to train parents, teachers, caregivers, health personnel, and other interested persons on helping children with autism and other disorders. The center caters for children with neuro-biological disorders like Autism, Down syndrome, Cerebral palsy, Hydrocephaly, Learning disabilities and other related disorders, so the training will cover aspects that concern training and raising children with such disorders. There will be training on behaviour management and building communication skill in children with these special needs. At the training, you will learn the purpose of unpleasant or maladaptive behaviours, and what to do to stop or redirect them. You will also learn how to develop expressive communication skills in a child with speech limitations.

Special needs awareness

Do you live in Ikorodu? Even if you don’t, it does not matter, you can still join us and learn. Join us on Saturday September 3, at Block 6, Flat 8, Jubilee Estate, Ikorodu by 10am for this training.

I will be there. Will you be there?

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