Sunday, December 31, 2017


No matter how much I feel a writer’s block, I always have to write on this blog on the 31st of December because it’s our Blog Anniversary. This year we clocked 4, and I remember that first December 31 and the first article I posted on the blog; I still think it was a great way to close the year.

This year was different from previous years, as we took our autism and other special needs awareness offline for the first time; we held the Special Needs Conference for Churches 2017 in August, and it was a huge success. I am happy that people came, and that their expectations were met; the feedback was very good.
Here are some pictures from the event.

Conference jotters

Now I look forward to 2018 with a lot of expectation. In February, the Special Needs Conference on Vocational Skills Development will hold. It will be a gathering of stakeholders in the Disability community in Nigeria and different people working in the vocational skill space, and we will be addressing how teenagers and adults with special needs can benefit from vocational skill development, in order to attain independence.

The Special Needs Conference for Churches 2018 will also hold later in the year. I hope you will be available when we call.

Always remember that I love you guys, and I appreciate your support for the blog. Thank you for reading and sharing always.

Happy Anniversary to Autism Gist with Adelola. Happy New Year in advance to you all. 2018 will be a good year.

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