Sunday, April 23, 2017

Autism Awareness Everywhere and in Every Way

This year’s autism month has been so busy for us in the autism community in Nigeria. Just yesterday, the 3-day free consultation program for indigent families that have children with developmental disorders was concluded. There were behaviour analysts, speech and language therapists, occupational therapists, physiotherapists, educational diagnosticians, nutritionists, counsellors, and psychologists (In hope I covered everything). Many parents said that the consultation programme really helped them, and they felt empowered to work with their children now.

A lot has been done as regards autism awareness as well. Blazing Heart Autism Center, Port-Harcourt kicked off awareness on a golf course. They had a golf tournament on the 1st of April, tagged Golf4Hope, and there was a good turnout of people, giving them an opportunity to create autism awareness.

On that same April 1, Olamma for Autism Awareness Foundation had a walk for autism in Lagos. The walk held at Ifako, Gbagada. They shared fliers and spoke to people about autism as they walked.

April 8 was for our Dance for Autism Awareness event (Read details here)

This week, the Autism Awareness Place visited some schools to create autism awareness.

In Abuja, 2 different organizations had awareness events on Saturday the 22nd; OLG Foundation/Autism Center held a seminar on autism, and Dewdrops Community Center for Special Needs had an Autism Awareness Family Funfair. I saw pictures from the Family Funfair, and it was quite obvious that they had a lot of fun as they created autism awareness, while creating an opportunity for inclusive interaction for neurotypical children and children with autism and other special needs, and their families. Lola SNAP gives detailed gist about the event.

Autism is a spectrum of disorders that affects behaviour, social skill, and communication skill. Because autism awareness level in Nigeria is relatively low, even though more families are being discovered to have children on the spectrum, it is important that we find as many ways as possible to raise the awareness and drive the message home. This will help with early detection, diagnosis, and intervention. Awareness will also make room for support and inclusion for people living with autism and their families.

The month is not yet over, so there is still more to come. In Lagos alone, on April 29, there will be a walk for autism on the mainland, and a ZUMBATHON Charity Event to support Autism Awareness on the Island.
Different organizations are coming together for the WALK AWAKE AUTISM, and we will gather at the Ndubuisi Kanu Park at Alausa, Ikeja by 7am, and we will start the walk latest by 8am. You can call 08129184050, 08031912759, and 08166218444 for details on how to register. I am aware that there are shirts for sale, and they go for N2000.

At 7.30am on the same day, at Lagos Preparatory School Ikoyi, the Zumbathon Charity Event will kick off. Please join us at 36/40 Glover road, Ikoyi to dance as we support autism awareness. Raffle tickets are available for N1000. To purchase tickets or for details, you can call 08083799035 or 08023196690.

Until there is autism awareness and acceptance everywhere in Nigeria, we will continue to do all that we can to create it. Be part of autism awareness by being part of these programs and inviting others.

Will I see you on Saturday?

Before I forget. have you supported PISON THERAPY CENTER?

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