Sunday, April 2, 2017


It’s April 2, and it’s World Autism Awareness Day (WAAD) and I am lighting it up BLUE!!!

The theme for this year’s WAAD is “Towards Self-Determination and Autonomy”. To achieve autonomy for a person on the spectrum, independence and an inclusive society are very important. People with autism need your love and care. Although they are different, they are not less than us.

Make a decision today to love and support people with autism around you. Support their families as well. This way, we can create an inclusive society for them; a society that accommodates their difference, that accommodates and meets their needs.

In raising an independent adult on the spectrum, there is need for therapy (behaviour, speech and language, and occupational therapy among others) and parental support. Parents need to encourage their children on the autism spectrum daily, as they learn basic skills that are important for daily living.
To encourage Self-Determination and Autonomy for individuals with autism, we need to understand their rights and encourage them. This month on the blog, we will be learning about those rights and what part we ought to play.

Also on the blog this month, we will be celebrating certain organizations that support people on the autism spectrum, especially children. You don’t want to miss that.
More than that, for people that do not have children on the autism spectrum, we will be learning ways that we can support children with autism and other related disorders. What parts can we play? How can we help? You need to stay tune to know these.
This blog will be active, and I hope you will available to read and share on social media. You don’t know who you will be helping by sharing.

The month of April is dedicated to autism awareness around the world, and there are so many activities across the country towards this purpose.
On April 8, Autism Gist with Adelola will be joining Patrick Speech and Languages Centre and other autism stakeholders and supporters to dance for Autism awareness.

Apart from that, Thursday April 20 to Saturday the 22nd, I will be at the Pure Soul’s Learning Foundation’s FREE THERAPY OUTREACH. It is a free consultation program for families in Lagos and its environs who cannot afford therapy for their children with autism and related disorders. Paediatricians, psychiatrists, psychologists, speech and language therapists, occupational therapists, behaviour analysts/therapists, nutritionists, among others will be present to assess and proffer solutions for parents and siblings on how to meet the needs of these individuals on the spectrum.

Please spread the word. You may never know who you will be helping by spreading awareness. Thank you.


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